CEFC Rank Advancement Overview

Cutting Edge Fencing presents here teaching and supporting resources relating to our Rank Advancement System. The system is a unified series of group drills, footwork exercises, vocabulary, and theoretical concepts designed to teach [...]

Introductory Membership at Cutting Edge Fencing!

Register for Introductory Classes Have you ever dreamed of wielding a light saber? Of dueling at dawn? Of rattling sabres aboard a pirate ship? Come to Cutting Edge Fencing for a taste of [...]

Fencing Camp Highlighted Fencers

Here are links to our Fencers of the Day and other fencing highlight videos that we use at our fencing camps! Intro to Sabre Fencing Mariel Zagunis Daryl Homer Eli Dershwitz Olga Kharlan: [...]

A New Website for Cutting Edge Fencing

Cutting Edge Fencing is happy to announce the launch of our new website, that we have been working hard to bring to our current and prospective customers (oh yes, we knew that the old [...]

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