Musketeer Fencing Class

Fencers ages 5-7

CEFC Musketeers gives kids ages 5 to 7 a fun introduction to the exciting Olympic sport of Sabre fencing! Musketeers will do activities to develop balance, body movement, and hand-eye coordination. During the fencing portion of each class, they will use foam swords and masks to give them the real feel of fencing yet remain age-appropriate and safe. Tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and workout pants must be worn to each class as a safety precaution.

Musketeer Program Signup Link

All Classes are held on the dates below from 4:30 PM – 5:20 PM.

Session 1: Thursdays from 10/04/2018 to 11/08/2018
Session 2: Tuesdays from 11/06/2018 to 12/18/2018 (no class 11/20/2018)
Session 3: Thursdays from 01/10/2019 to 02/14/2019
Session 4: Thursdays from 02/28/2019 to 04/04/2019
Session 5: Tuesdays from 04/09/2019 to 05/14/2019

Each session lasts for six weeks and costs $75. There is a required $39 annual fee that will provide your fencer with membership at our club, non-competitive membership in USFencing (and secondary insurance), and their own fencing glove. The annual fee gives them access to one, two, three, four, or ALL FIVE sessions.