Jackie B.

“My daughter and I attended the free fencing class, and she had a blast! Coach Kate was funny, warm, and welcoming to us, and they made it really easy for the newbies to get going in fencing! We’re signing up for classes as a result!”

Marisol G.

“The coaches here are top notch. Coach Kate makes fencing fun and has a great teaching style. Coach David is very knowledgeable and patient. You will definitely get a great workout in and have fun at the same time. They provide gear for the beginning classes and sabres as well. There are different packages to accommodate different levels of dedication. Aside from youth and adult skill classes they also provide times for open bouting, have footwork classes, workout classes and drills classes. You’ll enjoy the time there and also make some friends. It’s a great atmosphere!”

Leslie R-G.

“We think highly of our New Family, because that’s how you are treated at CEFC. Our coaches are genuinely respected, well rounded and show their passion in Fencing and with students. We made a great choice to be part of this unique group…”

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